Claim and Destroy is an online strategy game where you assimilate areas on a land by traversing on them. Other players will be doing the same and you can destroy each other by enclosing one player inside your area. is a game of speed timing, one bad move and you’ll be paper mache.

To claim land, move around an area, to contain it inside your trail of color. Player’s can steal each others area at anytime. Be wary of your surroundings. Being too hungry for land can catch you off guard. You can sneak up on others while their busy claiming land. Its all a matter of timing and wits.

Raise your Colors

IO games have recently become more and more popular. Thanks to the multiplayer technology that is the backbone for .io games’ essence; connectivity and competitiveness. does not fall short of its category. It provides the same player fun and competitiveness, plus a fresh new gameplay.

In you don’t attack you enemies directly. Technically, you exploit their need to occupy an area. Being anxious in claiming to big of a territory can cost you.

A common tactic is to not go too far from your currently owned land. Expand your territory by little increments only. This way, you can protect your area from invaders and avoid being enclosed by others.

This seems easy until you realise that there are a lot of you on one game. As time goes by, players get destroyed and lands get bigger. The game is changed from fast paced out manoeuvring into a delicate mind game.